Baby Registry

Let your family and friends gift you an everlasting present for your baby

We can set up a baby registry for you

Waiting for a new baby to arrive bring excitement to not only the expecting parents but also the family and friends. While you are busy getting ready to welcome your baby, your family and friends can’t wait to get a gift for your little one. Cute and tiny clothes, toys, and books are all valuable, but your baby will outgrow them very quickly. Our baby registry allows your family and friends to give you truly meaningful and everlasting gifts. When your family and friends see the images of your precious baby shared on Facebook, printed on canvas at your home, or from an album, those images will mean a lot more. With our baby registry, you can set the maximum amount that you want to receive and also have it available for a year to ensure we can fully capture and document your newborn baby’s first year.

  1. Book a newborn package with us and pay the deposit to confirm your booking.
  2. Indicate that you want to set up a baby registry in the client questionnaire you receive.
  3. We will create a personalized baby registry for you and send you the link.
  4. Include the link in your baby shower invitation, share it on Facebook (or any social media network) or via email.
  5. We will give you an update on the total amount of gift certificates purchased each time we receive a payment.