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Newborn Client Guide

Thank you for choosing our studio for your most precious sessions!

Scheduling your Newborn Session

We photograph up to 2 newborns per day. The first session starts at 10am and the second session starts at noon or 1pm depending on the length of the first session. Please let us know your toddler's nap time if he/she will be included in the session

we would love to know that everything went according to the birth plan. We would like to know If there are issues such as jaundice, NICU time, extended hospital stay or any other issues regarding the health of the baby. Knowing these items is so important to help us schedule the baby in a timely manner.

It is really important for us to hear from you in the first 2 days after the birth so we can schedule your session for the best possible day and time.

Session Day Prep

We suggest that babies feed right before their session. A newborn session usually takes about 1.5~4 hours. We ask that you come 30 minutes prior to your session time to feed the baby in our studio. Babies generally feed every 2-3 hours, therefore; feeding right before a session can sometimes guarantee an uninterrupted session. With that being said, babies are babies and quite often will have growth spurts and feed more often during a photography session. In the event that the baby is fully fed, but still may seem hungry during the session we will take a break and allow them private feeding time. We suggest you give your baby their normal early morning feeding which is usually around 3 hours before your session and you are more than welcome to let that baby go back to sleep. You do not need to keep your baby awake unless your baby had a good night sleep. Then we recommend you keep your baby awake for an hour or two before you leave home to come for the session. When you arrive, we will undress the baby to the diaper and then allow you to feed. At this point the baby will wake up and then be hungry.

It is very important to understand that we believe in baby led newborn sessions, which means that we never force or deny a feeding.

When you feed before a session, we suggest feeding as you normally do - whether breastfed or bottle fed. And please bring extra milk - bottles or pumped milk. Moms are also welcome to pump at sessions if they need relief.

Bottle warmers, wipes, spare diapers and new pacifiers are available in case that you need them.

Please check your baby for diaper rash. Babies often will cry during a changing if they have a painful diaper rash. Pampers and other well known brand diapers are known for triggering horrible diaper rashes that produce welts. We suggest you change the diaper to a more natural diaper and keep an eye on the skin. This is very important, as even the happiest the baby on the block can be miserable with diaper rash.

Newborn Packing List

Please bring the following:

• dress baby in loose pajama
• spare diapers
• babys blanket
extra bottles
• any newborn keepsakes or special items you would like to use

If baby normally does not take a pacifier, please bring it just in case. Newborn sessions are new to your baby and they often want self soothe by sucking more often than normal. Using a pacifier during a session will not encourage bad habits - we promise!

We want you to be nice and relaxed during your session. Newborns generally respond to your energy and therefore the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more chances of a successful newborn session we can expect to have.

Nursing Food Suggestions

What mom eats affects what is in the milk if you breastfeed. We ask that you keep a bland diet 24-48 hours before your session. Please eat comfort foods, such as breads, pastas and potatoes and whole grains to keep your baby comfortable. After the session, you are welcome to choose any diet you wish, however; we do know that gassy babies may need to be treated.

Here is the list of food to avoid 48 hours before the session to prevent your baby from being gassy, but please use at your own discretion and consult Professional help when needed:

• citrus fruites - cranberries, pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, strawberries, all berries
• acidic food - tomatoes or tomato products, chocolate, nuts, pizza, spaghetti, chili, tacos/spicy/Mexican food/salsa, ketchup • restrict foods - soda, coffee, wine, beer • gassy vegetables - asparagus, onions, cucumbers/pickles, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage

Baby Safety and Composites

It is important to understand that we take baby safety very seriously. Most complicated images are composites and not all babies are able to bend in all poses. We will always discuss poses before we start the session and explain how we achieve the pose. These poses require our spotters and sometimes even the aid of the parents.

The Newborn and Family Wardrobe

We have various props for newborns including headbands, wraps, baskets, bonnets, stuffies, backdrops, etc. We do suggest that if you have special ideas or request that you call or email us before your session.

We also ask clients to choose images from our website or social media pages that appeal to them to give us an idea of the types of images you would like created.

Moms are welcome to use our gowns if prefer. When bringing your own clothing for yourself, partner and/or siblings, we suggest solid and simple clothing that is void of any distracting patterns.

Important Note: When posing babies naked, they quite often poop or pee on Moms and Dads! If you are planning on leaving the studio to another appointment or work, we suggest bringing a change of clothes just in case!

Toddlers and Newborns

In newborn sessions, we start with one set of the newborn first, as this allows us to focus on settling the newborn and making sure they are comfortable. We will discuss with you the order of photographing sibling and family sessions. We generally try and get your newborn settled and sleeping first and then add the toddler afterwards. We have assistants on hand to help wrangle the children and treats or incentives are available. Rachel tries to shoot quickly keeping in mind short attention spans. Generally, once the baby is settled, Rachel will do the setup where she can add siblings, and then working with family in the end. Dads often need to go to work or leave early. Please let us know if this is the case, and we can accommodate the family images earlier on in the session.

Things to be Aware

Many babies do not sleep through their session. Some are wide awake the entire time!! We can usually still achieve some amazing images, especially if they are wrapped!

Babies are babies and they will cry! We do everything we can to soothe and comfort them and surround them with a comfortable environment. Rachel has been working with over 800 newborn babies and as a Mother herself has many soothing techniques and tips.

Toddlers may not cooperate for the sibling photos or family photos. Children are children, and we do the best we can when working with them of any age. We have quite a few tricks up our sleeves and with your permission we can offer them treats or incentives for capturing sweet images.

We retouch baby skin - removing acne, red spots, jaundice, etc. If your baby has too much dry skin, we may put baby loction so we have some smooth spots to patch from for editing.

If your baby just got circumcised, we can still photography your baby as long as he is healing well. Most babies have healed by their session. Many parents use vaseline or another gel that the doctor has recommended for healing. We will keep the area protected and we can avoid naked images if you wish. We photograph hundreds of babies that have been circumcised with no issues. If your baby has had a later circumcision, they can still have their session and all normal precautions are made. Please feel free to discuss this with us during your session. We want you to be fully involved in the process.

If your baby still has the umbilical cord, We are extra careful with it but will have no problem photographing your baby. When babies are wrapped, we wrap with their diaper on and cover the cord so that it does not catch on the fabric. When they are naked, we position it in a way to keep it protected. We are very cautious with newborn babies and we are aware of the post delivery care that is needed.