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When is the good time to photograph your baby? The best answer is: anytime! Even if you missed capturing your baby’s newborn stage, it is never too late to capture your baby in their first year. There are plenty of milestones to document! Capture your baby’s tummy time and that gorgeous smiley face. Capture your baby sitting up or holing their toes (sometimes even putting them in their mouth). Capture your baby standing up or even walking. There are so many exciting memories we can help capture!

We would love you to see why choose Rachel Yoon Photography to document your pregnancy and what our previous and returning clients say about us.

Baby Basic $250

- 30~45 minutes studio session

- 1 setup for the baby

- Images with mom, dad, and siblings

- 6 images of your choice

Digital images ONLY (printable up to 8x12)

Baby Essence $450

- 1~1.5 hours studio session

- 3 setups for the baby

- Images with mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents

- 15 images of your choice

- 5x7 prints for all 10 images OR $50 product credit

Sample Baby Photography Session

Cake Smash $450

- 1~1.5 hours studio session

- 2 setups + cake smash setup

- Images with mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents

- 15 images of your choice

- 5x7 prints for all 15 images OR $50 product credit

Sample Cake Smash Session

*Baby sessions are available to capture 100 days, 6 months, and/or 1 year milestones. 

*100 days sessions are photographed by Rachel. 4 months and up are photographed by Vanessa.

*Outdoor session are available for 1 year or cake smash sessions and have an additional $75 on-location fee.

*All outdoor sessions are photographed at Deer Lake in Burnaby.

*There is an additional fee of $50 for twins as twins sessions take much longer.

*You can purchase additional images after the session if you like more than what is included in your package. Additional images are $35 per image, $120 for 5 images and, $200 for 10 images.

*Product credit can be used for any physical products like prints, albums, canvas, storybook, etc. Check out our products.

*All the packages and the additional fees are subject to GST.

*Cake Makers we recommend: Cynthia's Custom Cakes www.facebook.com/Cynthias.Custom.Cakes | Sharon Hsu www.facebook.com/Sharon-Hsu-116039778515933 | Sweetease Cupcakes Cathy Wong (604) 779-3236 www.facebook.com/sweeteasecupcakes/ | Letterpress Bakery www.letterpressbakery.com

Our packages include:

Pre-Consultation over the phone or in person - most of our clients get information from our website or via email. However, we offer a pre-consultation if preferred. For in-person consultation, please make an appointment.

Professionally edited digital files printable up to 8x12 - we include digital files in the packages but limit the size to print up to 8x12. The artistic methods in which we edit, compose, and process images along with the high standard of our printing products renders timeless quality and artwork.

Baby photography props - backdrops, stuffed animals, outfits, headbands, hats, props, furniture, etc.

Customized Slideshow - It is a complimentary slideshow that is beautifully created with the images from the session. You get to share your baby's amazing milestones with your friends and families.

Mobile Gallery - Yes, we are up-to-date with current digital trends! With a few simple steps, you have the image gallery of your beautiful baby on your phone to share and look through whenever you want.

USB - Images are provided in a customized USB stick.

Viewing & Ordering Session in 2~3 weeks after the session - Find out what to expect before and after the session.

Our packages do not include:

Raw or unedited files - We provide a service that includes finished quality products. We are very proud artists that wish to present our final art to clients.

Original size files - We provide quality products that represent the art as created. We make sure what goes on your wall is fine arts not ordinary prints.

Home session option - We photograph all the babies at our studio or Deer Lake (for 1 year session only) for the best results. We have beautiful natural light and full access to our props at the studio. Check out our studio.

Cake for Cake Smash - Due to allergy concern, we do not provide a cake for the cake smash session. We can recommend a few cake makers who make beautiful cakes.

When to book a Baby Photography session

There are significant milestones we like to capture when you book a baby photography session. 

  • 100 days - comfortably doing tummy time and most babies can do it between 3~5 months.
  • 6 Months and up - comfortably sitting up on his/her own without any support
  • 1 year & cake smash - cruising holding onto things and preferrably not walking yet

If you'd like to use images for the 1 year birthday party, book your session about a month prior to the birthday.

We schedule your baby's session to avoid their nap time. As your baby's nap(s) will change over time, we recommend that you book about a month prior to your desired session date. 

Rachel photographs 100 days sessions. Vanessa photographs 4 months to 1 year sessions.

Are you ready to book? Contact us if you want to proceed with your booking to secure your spot or if you have any questions. We are known for professional services. Find out our work flow from the moment you contact us to the finish.